Electric insulation




The GPO-3 material is a mineral-filled, continuous wire fiberglass mat reinforced with a thermoset unsaturated polyester material. It is strong, rigid, shockproof and dimensionally stable. These fiberglass boards of electric quality provide good electrical properties that are arc, flame and track resistant, and the material is often used for electrical insulation applications. GPO-3 is also used in several mechanical applications where dimensional stability, elasticity, rigidity and cost efficiency are a necessity.

GPO-3 features

For use in the transit industry, where smoke generation and smoke toxicity are the most important. It is also recommended for connection equipment, connectors and control panels.


GPO-3 can be used for several applications, including phase and end barriers, busbar supports, insulation supports, transformers, antenna bases, spacers and more.

Glass epoxy G-10 og G-11

G-10 & G-11

Woven fiberglass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin.

G10 / 11 Benefits

Combines high strength, good electrical properties and excellent moisture resistance.

G10 / 11 applications

Components for power generation and transmission

We can supply electrical insulation of the following types:

  • Epoxy glass cloth G10, G11, FR4, FR5, HGW 2372, Vetronite
  • Silicone glass cloth G7, HGW 2572
  • Polyester glass mat GPO-3, HM 2471, UP GM203, DielettrikGlass
  • Phenolic cotton cloth HGW 2082, HGW 2083, Fibroido, Celeron, Tela Bakelite
  • Phenolic paper HP2065, Carta bachelite
  • Sizes for Epoxy Glass 4200 x 1570 mm, 3200 x 1570 mm, 1300 x 2300 mm
elektrisk isolasjon

Other products



Glassfiber Produkter offers grating for most needs. We can produce with mold and pultrution, as well as customized shapes, color and characteristics to suit your / your business needs. The gratings can also be manufactured high load, with anti-slip, anti-static and fire-retardant.

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass structures can be up to 70% lighter than steel, corrosion-free and electrically insulating. We can carry out Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Installation.

Structural Profiles

Structural Profiles

GRP Structural Profiles are high quality designed profiles which are used in the fabrication of GRP structures and supports.