Smolt facility equipped with fiberglass solutions

Product solutions have been delivered to Salten Smolt’s new smolt facility in Breivik. Glassfiber Produkter has contributed walkways, railings, stairs and ladders to the project. Damp and corrosive environments require robust materials which last a long time, and the choice fell on fiberglass as the most optimal solution.

Corrosion-free and maintenance-friendly

The fiberglass performs excellently in demanding environments. The material is highly resistant to corrosion and will withstand a lot of moisture and salt without problems. The fiberglass requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifespan.

“We are experiencing more and more requests from the fish farming industry,” says project manager Magnar Stangeland. “More and more of the industry are discovering the benefits of fiberglass and how it solves typical challenges other materials have. Fiberglass is also versatile and can be adapted to most things”

3D-model of a walkway above one of the fish tanks.

High quality and optimal performance

Glassfiber Produkter has worked closely with Total Betong AS to find the best solutions for the project. We offer different services which allow us to take projects from ideas to final products. Our skilled technical draftsmen can customize the design of fiberglass structures and our workshop handles the production. Following the process from A to Z ensures that the products we deliver are of high quality and perform optimally.


Increased production

Salten Smolt is increasing capacity by building a completely new smolt facility in Breivik, side by side with the old facility. Together, both facilities will triple production and result in 3.5 – 4 million smolts per year. A new facility will ensure a modern infrastructure and make the salmon production future-oriented and more sustainable. As a bonus, the project has brought with it many positive ripple effects for the surrounding local community and businesses


We thank Total Betong AS for a solid collaboration and for an exciting assignment.


Get in touch and we will help you find the optimal solutions.

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