Art.No.15520 – H 38mm, opening 10mm, yellow, grit, ve FR

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General information

Profile-based grating only has bearing capacity in one direction, along the I or T profiles. Typical plate size is 1 x 6 m or 1.2 x 6.1 m. Available profile height is 38 or 50 mm with openings between profiles of 10 mm (40% open area), 14 mm (48% open area) or 19 mm ( 55% open area). Plastic raw materials such as fire retardant isophthalic polyester / vinyl ester or phenol are available in colors such as gray, yellow or black. Non-slip protection is achieved with applied fine-grained sand. The black grating is approved for Ex Zones Offshore (Norwegian sector).

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Article 15520 – Specifications

Panel size: 1219 x 6090 mm
Height: 38 mm
Profile distance: 25 mm
Opening: 10 mm
Open area: 40%
Weight: 20,7 kg/m2
Weight per plate: 153,6 kg
Surface: Applied grit
Color: Yellow (RAL 1003)
Resin: Vinylester
Fire retardance: ASTM E84-05, Class 1
Flammespredning: < 25
Working temperature: -40 C / 60 C
Electric properties: Isolating