Subsea cover


Subsea Cover, plates and hatches are manufactured in fiberglass reinforced polyester for protection against falling objects with high energy loads and to protection against trawler boards from fishing vessels. Typical structures are manufactured for the protection of

  • Pipeline spools
  • Expansion spools
  • Flexible pipelines
  • Free span of pipelines
  • PLEM – PLET structures
  • Riser Base structure
  • T / Y pipeline connections
  • Pig launcher / receiver structures

Installations subsea requires protection against falling objects and from over-trawling by fishing vessels.

Qualified fiberglass grating is supplied for protection against falling objects with energies 20 kJ / 500 mm object and 5 kJ / 100 mm object (NORSOK U-001). Article no. 15038 and 15054 are also qualified for 10 kJ / 100 mm object.

Panels and hatches are manufactured for installation on subsea steel structures. Hatches can be equipped with buoyancy elements for reduced weight subsea. The hatches can then be operated by remote operated vehicle (ROV).


  • Low weight, about 1600 – 2000 kg / m3
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Flexible design solution
  • Easy handling
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Simplified installation

Complete solutions are offered, including design, calculations (FEM) analysis and fabrication of subsea structures.