Pipe System



The pipe system Wavistrong™ is produced by Future Pipe Industries (FPI) and has since more than 30 years been installed worldwide under the most corrosive and harsh environments. There are currently more than 1600 km Wavistrong ™ pipe systems in continuous use on offshore platforms, oil fields, refineries, LNG plants, petrochemical plants and power plants.

Wavistrong™ piping meets requirements according to NORSOK, UKOOA, ISO 14692 and Shell DEP and is type approved by ABS, DNV GL, BV and LR.

Wavistrong™ pipes are manufactured using glass fibre rowing and epoxy resin using the filament winding process. The fittings are manufactured using robot-assisted winding and is available in diameters up to 400 mm. For larger pipe diameters prefabricated pipe spools are manufactured.

Restrained pipe systems are installed using adhesive joints (cylinder-conical or conical-conical), laminated joints, O-ring joint with locking rods or flanges. Non restrained systems uses O-ring joints or mechanical couplings (Teekay, Straub).

For Explosion classified zones pipes and fittings are delivered electrically conductive (carbon fibre) to avoid the risk of static build-up.

Another version of piping system is Wavistrong™ FR (Fire Retardant) which is tested and qualified for fire-water system applications at refineries and offshore installations. This pipe system can be used both to water filled systems and dry fire water piping. The Wavistrong ™ FR has passed jet fire tests with temperature of 1200 oC with 5 min dry condition and 60 min with flowing water.

Glassfiber Produkter can offer the following services

  • Site survey
  • Material application
  • Design recommendations
  • Stress and surge analysis
  • Flexibility analysis (static/dynamic)
  • Pipe thrust block design (underground)
  • Pipe support design and function/ location analysis (above ground)
  • Preparation of detailed isometrics
  • Finite element calculation


  • Crude oil transmission
  • Fire fighting networks / fire water lines
  • Potable water lines / pumping station piping
  • Sea water cooling lines
  • Flow lines
  • Refinery utility piping
  • Offshore platform piping
  • Industrial waste pipe lines
  • district heating network  / district cooling network
  • Marine piping systems


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