Molded Grating

Molded grating has a typical square or rectangular grid pattern and are manufactured using molds where bundles of fiberglass are placed in layered with 90 degree angle. This gives a load carrying capacity in both directions in the horizontal plane. The grating panels are produced in certain plate sizes with width 1,219 m (4`) and length 3,658 m (12`). Depending on the load, different thicknesses are supplied as 12, 25, 38, 51 mm with hole pattern 11 x 11mm, 17 x 17mm, 31 x 31 mm or 42 x 42 mm. Alternative resins like ortho polyester / isophthalic polyester / vinyl ester is available in colors such as gray, dark gray, yellow or green. Slip protection is obtained using a U-shaped concave profile surface (meniscus) or with applied grit. Typical load capacity for pedestrian traffic with grating height of 25 mm is 800 mm, for 38 mm is 1.2 m and for 51 mm up to 1.4 m.

Pultruded Grating

Pultruded gratings is assembled by longitudinal I- or T-profiles. The profiles is produced by pultrusion process and are assembled into panels in a jig mechanical interlocking and bonding by either two-parts or three-parts cross-rod system. Pultruded grating has a load carrying capacity in only one direction, along I- or T profiles. Typical panels sizes are 1 x 4.5 m, 1 x 6 m or 1.2 x 6.1 m. Available profile height is 38 or 45 mm with gaps between profiles of 10 mm (40% open area), 14 mm (48% open area), 19 mm (55% open area) or 23 mm (60% open area). Alternative fire retardant resins like isophtalisk polyester, vinyl ester and phenol is available in colours such as gray, yellow, brown or black. Slip protection is obtained by using applied grit. Typical capacity for pedestrian traffic with grating height 38 mm up to 1.6 m.

Stair treads

Molded stair treads with square pattern. Steps produced in the same manner as molded grating and available in plate size of 0.572 x 3.66 m. Thickness of 38mm with a hole pattern 11 x 11 mm and 31 x 31 mm. Plastic Raw Material is fire retardant isophtalisk polyester, available in grey color with a yellow or black edge. Slip protection is obtained using applied grit.

High Load Grating

Molded High load grating have the typical fiberglass grating advantages of high strength, corrosion resistant, fire resistant, electrically non-conductive and minimal maintenance. High load grating are designed to take cargo from forklifts and trucks. Typical plate size is 1.22 x 2.44 m (dark grey) and 1.22 x 3.66m (yellow). Depending on the load, different thicknesses supplied in 38 mm (yellow) and 51 mm (dark gray). This type of grating can also be used for subsea protection cover and is drop tested with 10kJ, 100 mm object (NORSOK). Click here for more info.


  • Fasteners
  • Rubber pads
  • Pipe sleeve

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