Point Of Interest Eldhusoya

Point Of Interest, Eldhusøya along Atlanerhavsveien was opened on Friday 4 July.

Glassfiber Produkter has delivered approximately 1,000 m gratings, 52 pcs benches and various fiberglass profiles for the walkway on Eldhusøya.

“The view road on Eldhusøya is a tour that suits everyone and is open every day, all year round. Surely it is nice in the sun, but experiences can be equally strong on a rainy day. In the summer cafe, with windows as a flashing herring shoal, open for visits”. -National Tourist Routes in Norway.

“Close up to the spectacular Atlanterhavsveien – one of the finest tourist routes icons – winds northwest country’s new tour promenade itself: A newly made walkway on solid fiberglass gratings, between outcrops and stones, right out in the water’s edge.” Ref. Article VG.

References from News media:

 Read more about our GRP Gratings here.

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Kvaleberg workshop, Stavanger

Kvaleberg workshop, Stavanger

Structures such as handrails, stairs & protective frames were designed and manufactured without metal components. Bolts and nuts are also made of fiberglass (GR-VE). This is to protect against high voltage, as fiberglass is a «non-conductive» material.