Point Of Interest Eldhusoya

On the beautiful Eldhusøya in Møre you can now visit a walking promenade built with fiberglass gratings. Glassfiber Produkter has delivered 700 meters of gratings, 32 benches plus some other fiberglass profiles to Eldhusøya. The walkway opened on friday 4th of july.

The beautiful nature along Atlanterhavsveien makes tourist want to stop their cars, step out and enjoy the scenery, but the road has narrow bridges and lacks pockets to stop in which could potentially be dangerous. The new promenade gives tourists the opportunity to park and take a tour around the stunning nature.

The walkway almost flows through the landscape and some already calls it “the floating path”. The gratings form a solid and accessible path which can be used by pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchairs. You can follow the path around the island, right on the edge of the sea. Fiberglass has properties which are perfectly suited too such environments. The material is corrosion-free and can withstand wear and tear caused by weather, wind and sea.

Glassfiber Produkter are proud to deliver products to exciting projects like this.

Are you in need of corrosion-free products which can withstand wind, weather and water? Feel free to contact us!

Here are some articles about the walkway (in norwegian):

– VG


– Brunsvika

– Tidens krav (video)

The video shows parts of the building process.

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