Ostasteid picnic area – special solutions with grating and recirculated fiberglass

Photo: Lars Grimsby

In beautiful surroundings along Sandsfjord you will find Ostasteidn Rasteplass – a sight to be seen. The picnic area is built with several special solutions provided by Glassfiber Produkter.

“The excitement lies in seeing how fiberglass can solve challenges,” says project manager Magnar Stangeland. “In this case we have used fiberglass in several different ways: some products you can sit on, others you can walk on and some is purely candy for the eyes».

  Glassfiber Produkter has delivered the following:

  • Door blade for service building
  • Toilet symbols – symbol for trash bin
  • Grating for walkway
  • Side panels for walkway
  • Sitting bench along parking area and in the sitting area
  • Four tables in the sitting area
  • Panels along the sitting area
  • Chequer plate with grating and garbage shut

Walkways in fiberglass. Photo: Lars Grimsby

Vantage point with seating. Photo: Lars Grimsby

More than old boats

Fiberglass is often associated with old boats, but the material can be utilized in so many other ways aswell. Several of the products delivered to Ostasteidn are produced from recycled, painted fiberglass granules combined with new polyester, supplied by Ecofiber Recycling AS. Old, discarded fiberglass boats are given new life by being recycled into new material.

Edge boards, plinths for tables and trash chutes were produced with the granulate, and gratings, benches, table tops and door icons were produced in natural-colored, translucent fiberglass-reinforced polyester.

The nature of Ryfylke

The picnic area consists of a service building with toilet as well as seating and tables. The building’s design is based on the paintings of artist Lars Hertevig, one who was immenesly inspired by Ryfylke’s nature. The rest area’s appearance and dreamlike design blends in with nature, and the toilet building is vegetated with moss, which in time will become a moss facade. The fiberglass walkway intervenes as little as possible with the surrounding vegetation, and connects the various parts of the rest area.

The project is part of the national tourist roads where the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for viewpoints and picnic areas around Norway. They work to create and enhance points of interest with high visual quality. KAP arkitektur og plan AS is behind the design of Ostasteidn and received the concrete element award in 2019 for their work.

We thank BG Suldal AS for an interesting and exciting project. We are proud to show what our team can achieve with fiberglass.


Contact us and we will assist in finding the most optimal solutions.

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