Ostasteid picnic area – special solutions with grating and recirculated fiberglass

Ostasteidn picnic spot in Suldal municipality, a project in Ryfylke where Stangeland Glassfiber Produkter AS has delivered several different specialty products in fiberglass.

In connection with the project, we have been responsible for developing solution, including drawings, production and delivery of glass fibre reinforced plastic products.

The following products are provided:

  • Door blade for service building
  • Toilet symbols – Symbol for trash bin
  • Grating for walkway
  • Side panels for walkway
  • Sitting bench along parking area and in the sitting area
  • 4 pcs. tables in the sitting area
  • Panels along the sitting area
  • Chequer plate w/grating and garbage shut

Gratings, sitting benches, table tops, door blades are manufactured in natural coloured, translucent glass fibre reinforced polyester.

Panels, table foundation and garbage shute are manufactured with recycled, fiberglass granules with new polyester resin. Fiberglass granules are supplied by Ecofiber Recycling AS, which is a qualified for waste disposal of end-of-life recreational crafts and other products / wastes from fibre reinforced  plastics.

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