Grating for subsea protection, 10 kJ / 100 mm falling object

Molded grating of type “heavy duty” has been tested to absorb 10 kJ blow from falling objects with a diameter of 100 mm.

The YouTube movies below shows the successful testing of Article 15054 and Article 15038, molded gratings with 51 and 38mm thickness. The Gratings can be used as protective structures on Subsea templates where they have strict requirements for impact. The testing is conducted by Chinagrate Composite Structures (Nantong) Ltd.

Datasheet and more information here.

Impact Test HL – molded – article 15054

Impact Test HL – molded – article 15038

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Kvaleberg workshop, Stavanger

Kvaleberg workshop, Stavanger

Structures such as handrails, stairs & protective frames were designed and manufactured without metal components. Bolts and nuts are also made of fiberglass (GR-VE). This is to protect against high voltage, as fiberglass is a «non-conductive» material.