Grating in fiberglass – Suspension bridge

Fiberglass gratings used as walkways for suspension bridges, here delivered to Stavanger turistforening. Installed in Kvitlen, Sirdal.

The well-preserved Kvitladalen is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in Rogaland and a walk-pearl of the rare. From Bjordal follow trip the protected Kvitlaåna up the valley to the idyllic Kvitlen. You will experience an exciting and tortuous journey through birches, easy walk over open cultivated with memories of ancient settlement and farming, as well as peaceful hiking in scenic surroundings along the river’s grassy bank. Glassfiber Produkter has delivered gratings used for suspension bridge over the river.

Read more about our GRP Gratings here.


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Kvaleberg workshop, Stavanger

Kvaleberg workshop, Stavanger

Structures such as handrails, stairs & protective frames were designed and manufactured without metal components. Bolts and nuts are also made of fiberglass (GR-VE). This is to protect against high voltage, as fiberglass is a «non-conductive» material.