Flowline sleeper – Shell Draugen

Flowline sleeper, GRP grating delivered to Shell Draugen subsea in 2013

Flowline sleeper is used as foundation and to reduce friction between the flexible pipeline and seabed. 110 pcs grating article no. 15051 was delivered to Ocean Installer AS with mounted PEHD plates for low friction.

Information about draugen field, see link. Wikipedia

For more information and datasheets for our grating and fasteners. See more info here.

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Kvaleberg workshop, Stavanger

Kvaleberg workshop, Stavanger

Structures such as handrails, stairs & protective frames were designed and manufactured without metal components. Bolts and nuts are also made of fiberglass (GR-VE). This is to protect against high voltage, as fiberglass is a «non-conductive» material.