Dump caisson for seawater delivered to Alvheim FPSO

Dump caisson for seawater including steel support structure has been designed, fabricated and delivered to Alvheim field development project in 2006.

Dump caisson has an internal diameter of 1200 mm, a total length of 20 m and is manufactures from glass fibre reinforced epoxy.

The total column weight, including steel support structure, is 6,54 tons. The Installation was done by a single point lift operation from the column blind flange top with the 450mm seawater inlet pipe spool installed.


  • Pipe Material: Glass fibre reinforced epoxy (GRE)
  • Diameter: 1200 mm
  • Total Length: 20 m
  • Design pressure: 0 bar, atmospheric
  • Pipe series: CST 8
  • Electrical properties: Conductive
  • Connecting nozzles: 450 mm + 200 mm (vent) + 150 mm + 80 mm (drain)
  • Design temperature: -6°C –  60°C
  • Operating temperature: -4,9°C –  40°C
  • Total weight column: 2,15 tons
  • Total weight column inc. Structure: 6,54 tons
  • Design life span: 20 years

Project scope: Design, structural calculations, fabrication, electronic measurements, lifting analysis and installation procedure.

Read more about our GRE Pipe system from Future Pipe Industries here.

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