Creating innovative solutions

Geir Erik Thu (32) from Klepp left his life as a plumber behind and started his dream job as a CAD designer at Glassfiber Produkter in January 2020.

After a few years as a plumber Geir chose to re-educate himself. He posted his CV online describing all the projects he had participated in during his education. Our Project Manager Magnar Stangeland came across it and quickly got in contact with the designer and offered him a job.

– It is always flattering to be headhunted. After a short amount of time, I was thrown into this gigantic project for a fish farm, designing and delivering three composite bridges of 23 meters. It was both fun and challenging, Geir says.

Ready for delivery: Geir’s first project was to design three composite bridges of 23 meters.

Close follow-up

Even though Geir was given a huge challenge, he says he was well taken care of and was provided with everything he needed to perform the job.

– I got my own office immediately and whatever equipment I needed. The training in how to use new programs was great. When you are designing composite bridges or other products it is important to be creative and continuously try to improve the design to achieve the best solution possible, he says.

These composite bridges are the longest bridge Stangeland Glassfiber has ever built. Fiberglass profiles is an alternative to steel which is easy to process. Fiberglass has high strength compared to weight and is corrosion-free.  Read more about composite bridges here.

– It was a very exciting and challenging project which also triggered my creativity. To achieve the best result possible, it is important to find room for improvement, he says.

Challenging: In the new office Geir shows an illustration of the composite bridge he designed and the program he used, on the left screen.

Always finds a solution

An ordinary day at work consists of checking and responding to e-mails, drawing by using the modeling design program SolidWorks, and designing everything from platforms to fiberglass structures such as stairs, handrails and ladders.

– We do a lot of different jobs. It is all about finding the right solution. That enables me to do what I like the most, to be creative and create new products from fiberglass that usually are made from wood and steel. The more challenging the task is, the more exciting it is to find the solution by using your creativity.

See Stangeland Glassfiber Produkter’s products here.

Great opportunity for career advancement

Glassfiber Produkter wants their employees to educate themselves by attending relevant courses and learn new programs when needed. In this way the company is always updated on the latest technology and knowledge. Geir already has his future plans figured out.

– In ten years, I am still here. I have more responsibility but will continue designing like I do today. I constantly learn something new, and I look forward to taking on the next challenge.

Read more about the advantages of fiber reinforced rebar here.

 Modern and nice premises: Geir is enjoying the new facilities and happy that all employees are being gathered.

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